Maikha Abarca
+ Working for an Equitable Tech Future +

As a designer turned software engineer, I am passionate about coding with a purpose, always mindful of the human element in software and its broader impact on society and the environment.

I have worked in the creation of digital products for more than 10 years. My practical knowledge ranges from creating small startup applications from the ground up all the way to helping maintain and evolve giant enterprise software with millions of users. I focus on technical simplicity and people centered lean software development processes.

See my LinkedIn profile for more career details.


+ Featured by Google while working on a Wallace & Gromit augmented and mixed reality Flutter application - Flutter Engage 03/03/2021
+ Helped developed mobile applications with millions of users as part of a self-organising agile engineering team - ThoughtWorks.
+ Became a technical product owner for a mobile application with over a million users while it succesfully adoped its first monetisation model - Durcal.
+ Worked as a teacher and mentor for aspiring software developers and UX designers - Rails Girls, Ironhack.
+ Lived and worked in Europe, Asia and Latinamerica.
+ Worked remotely for about five years.

Latest Software Projects

I'm always interested in being part of projects involving social solutions that use technology meaningfully.
+ Working on a mobile application to help improve care management in the UK - HiCarer.
+ Worked on a mobile application to help gig economy workers have a stable income - SteadyPay.

Personal Interests

Responsible Technology. I'm a member of international organizations that strengthen the responsible tech ecosystem - All Tech is Human, Team comUNITY.
Bootstrapping. I believe that technology can effectibly empower individuals to innovate and create profitable businesses from scratch. Current project - DisVoize. Community - The Ramen Club.
Creative Coding. I'm enthusiastic about exploring the intersection between design, art and tech and have founded Creative Coding Barcelona and Creative Coding Hong Kong during my time in these cities.


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+ The best way to contact me is: maikha.abarca[at] +